i think i'm adorable

Date; Mar 18 | Mood; cranky | listening to; CSI: Miami
Isn't Matt Bomer just a babe? *insert heart eye emojis* sorry, I have a problem becoming hella obsessed with television shows... Whitecollar was just one of the many. So here's a new layout for everyone to look at! Updates are coming very soon for everyone! There's lots of new icons, a few sign decos, and more cutouts so far! Enjoy. ♥ With love, Schuy.

glad to meet you. schuyler here, done with updates.

Date; Jan 22 | Mood; sick | listening to; Dragon Tales
I really apologize for this updating taking me so long! Someone gave me the right to save as many photos to cutout as I wanted and I saved 130+ photos for cutouts... Only made it half way through but hey, there will be a lot of cutout updates coming! But here's what you've been waiting for, gaadriel and all of the updates!

Schuyler ♥
also know as so tired of making cutouts

is that how this works?

Date; Nov 21 | Mood; sleepy | listening to; ---
Normally I wouldn't be updating this because frankly, I never have much to say but it was brought to my attention that when you aren't viewing this in Firefox for some crazy reason, the cbox is EXTREMELY tiny and for this I apologize! I'm not exactly sure what has gone wrong here but I'm working on a solution! I might just start over with a new cbox.ws account so maybe then it's not screwed up. If you're not viewing this in the correct browser, don't worry about commenting in the cbox upon saving anything, I couldn't even expect mice to read that minature writting. So until it gets fixed, save away! I hope to have it fixe very soon though. Lots of love ♥ ♥

Skylie ♥

endurance of the saints

Date; Sep 20 | Mood; perfect | listening to; Anberlin "A Day Late"
Welcome back! I'd like to make a grand entrance for Nicole from Creamcake! Something went wrong with her site so she's stepped on board Gaadriel. I couldn't be happier to have her as a partner! :) somethings were moved over but not everything. If you were affiliates with her on the previous site, let us know in the cbox and change it to this one! We'll add you as soon as possible. There will be a new layout soon as I bought another layout from Shannon! But for now, here's just a simple one that I've thrown together. We're hoping to put together a REALLY big update before then! But until then, enjoy.

Schuyler ♥

nothing but my redemption

Date; May 13 | Mood; worn | listening to; Shawn Mendes "The Weight"
I'm really bad at updating these so please excuse me, I don't even feel like anyone reads these unless it begins spectacular which mine will not. Unless there's cats... However, here's a few little life updates!! I started working at a pizza joint and a local grocery store, I'm still working at the grocery store but the manager at the pizza joint can shove it! ;) I'm pretty sure a 12 year old could run a better business. I've made a lot of new friends at work, which is big for me because I don't do well making friends with people I meet in person.. I'm now single, sadly but what can ya do, right? Boys will be boys, I don't say men because I've only met a few of those. I'm saving up to get my GED now and once I've completed that, I will be applying for a school called; Gustavus Adolphus College to begin my long journey to Duke! As most of you probably know, Duke is a law school so I'm sure you can guess that I wanna become a lawyer. :) I wear my sass like a pair of pants, can't leave the house without it ;) wait.. yes you can but you shouldn't. I got a baby kitten about two months ago and... oh if I could give him back, I just might. He's a cat from hell! But how can you not love a cat? They have their moments... .01% of the time, that is. I'm really excited that my life is finally starting to pick up, I don't feel as if it's standing still. So if you feel that way right now, or if life isn't going the way you want it too... Just give it time. Things will pick up for you when the time is right! I may not believe in a higher power but I do believe in fate, destiny, and the bigger picture so have faith in that too... Everything happens for a reason. :)

xoxo, schuy ;*

welcome to gaadriel

I'm pretty terrible at these introductions so, I've decided to just give everyone a small insight to myself and the site.
I'm Schuyler, a lot of you know me as Bre, but that's beside the point. I'm a small town girl from Minnesota and I turn 18 this year. Adulthood... Yikes! I got into editing when I was pretty little, nothing like what I do now but none the less, I've always had a passion for editing! As the years go on, my passion has always grown bigger so when I found our small community of people with the same passion, I basically fell head over heels in love with editing again. I started downloading stylesheets, watching youtube videos, and teaching myself the basics of coding. Once I felt like I knew what I was doing, I got a subdomain, then moved onto misf1t.info and now we're here. :)
Now... why gaadriel?! I'll tell you why! Supernatural! If you're not a fan of Supernatural then you wouldn't understand why it means so much to me. But basically, my favorite angel character is Gaadrel, I don't really have an explanation as to why exactly he's my favorite... I just think it's fun to say?! I spelled it differently because I'm not religious and it looked way better on signs with an "i."